How DB Designer Can Help Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Understand Databases

Benefits of Visual Database Design Tool For Non-Technical Entrepreneurs

In today’s competitive business world it is now more important than ever to be organized. Managing your data in an effective way can make your overall operation more efficient and productive. Of course, this is much easier said than done when you are dealing with copious amounts of data and numbers.

Sure, spreadsheets can be great tools when it comes to number crunching, but when you are dealing with customer information, staff data, and inventory, your small business will probably benefit from a well-designed data management tool. In this post we share how DB Designer’s visual database design tool can help small business owners with limited technical skills better understand databases.

Use The Power of Visual Modeling To Better Understand Your Data

As your business grows, you are only going to add to the staff, inventory and the other traditional data. Of course, this is a good thing and the main goal of any company is to grow, but keeping track of this data will become increasingly tricky as your numbers grow. Our visual database-designing tool can help you accomplish this very task. makes it much easier and quicker to navigate through your database, so you can find exactly what you are looking for when you need it.

Our easy to use tool does not require extensive technical skills. Simply import your SQL and see how DB Designer makes it easy for you to understand and interpret data. However, if you want to start from scratch, you have that option available to you as well. Whatever the situation is with this highly powerful designing tool, you can generate a script for every one of your major databases with a simple click.

Involve Your Non-Technical Team Members For Valuable Feedback

Whether you are implementing new regulations in your company or you are building a new database, it is extremely important to consult your team during the process. Databases are often used by non-technical team members who often have valuable input but are unable to collaborate or share feedback due to limited technical knowledge. If you involve these important team members in the process, it will provide you with ideas or suggestions to help your developers and engineers make necessary improvements. DB Designer allows you to invite and share access with your entire team through simple email invitation.

Non-technical team members should be given “Read Only” access so they share their feedback in the notes and comments section. When your technical team creates a well thought out database with our design tool while involving all key team members in the process, you can avoid a wide range of problems in the future.

Minimize your chances mistakes and data loss while maximizing your potential growth opportunity by understanding your databases better.

Even if you have no prior experience with databases, we encourage you to try DB Designer For Free. We guarantee you will have a much better understanding of your database and various relationships once you see it presented visually.