Change Log

Recent updates and announcements.

Upcoming Features

We are excited to announce a suite of upcoming features designed to revolutionize the way teams collaborate, manage data, and interact with our platform. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Image Import Capability: Elevating your data visualization and documentation, we’ve introduced the ability to import images directly into your projects. This new functionality allows for richer content creation, enabling users to enhance their diagrams and reports with relevant imagery.
  • XLSX Format Support for Import and Export: Responding to the needs of our users, we’ve expanded our data handling capabilities to include full support for the XLSX format. Now, you can effortlessly import and export your data in XLSX format, facilitating seamless data exchange and integration with a wide range of applications and services.
  • Field Comments Feature: Enhance your database documentation with our new field comments functionality. This feature allows users to add descriptive comments to database fields, improving clarity and collaboration by providing context and insights directly within your schema.
  • Expanded File Format Support: We are extending our support to include more versatile file formats, enabling you to work with XML, JSON, and CSV files more efficiently.


New Features

  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: We’re excited to introduce real-time sharing and editing capabilities, enabling team members to collaborate on projects seamlessly in real-time. This feature fosters a dynamic and interactive work environment, enhancing productivity and teamwork.
  • Comprehensive Team Management: Manage your team more effectively with our new suite of tools designed for team account and billing management. These tools simplify administration and oversight, making it easier to keep your projects and team organized.
  • Revolutionary Database Conversion: Experience the ease of database conversions with our enhanced support for a wider range of data formats. This revolutionary feature facilitates smooth transitions between different database types, broadening your options for data management.
  • AI-Powered Schema Design: Explore the future of database design with our AI-driven approach to schema creation. This innovative feature provides unique and efficient ways to organize your data structures, optimizing your database for performance and scalability.
  • Advanced AI Schema Import: Take your data import capabilities to the next level with our advanced AI-based schema import feature. This cutting-edge technology surpasses traditional SQL limitations, enabling more sophisticated and streamlined data integration.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Discover a refreshed and improved user experience with our updated platform interface. Featuring a more intuitive toolbar and enhanced drag-and-drop functionality, navigating and managing your projects has never been smoother.
  • Multi-Element Diagram Manipulation: Streamline your diagram editing process with the ability to select and move multiple elements simultaneously. This enhancement simplifies the organization and modification of complex diagrams, making it easier to adjust layouts and refine presentations with efficiency and precision.


New Features

  • Database Diagram Embedding: Introducing the capability to embed database diagrams directly within your projects. This feature allows for a more integrated and visual approach to database design and management, enhancing the way you interact with your data structures.
  • Unique Table Update Mechanism: We’ve innovated a unique method for updating colors of fields in Table A, incorporating a custom color picker for greater personalization and visual distinction.
  • Customizable Line Colors: Enhance your diagrams with the ability to customize line colors through a dedicated color picker. This addition offers further customization to match your style or coding standards.
  • Schema Search Functionality: Elevate your schema navigation with our new schema search feature. Quickly find tables and fields within the schema explorer, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency in database management.


    • Enhanced Markup Editors: Markup editors have been updated for an improved user experience, offering more intuitive and efficient editing capabilities.
    • Advanced Zoom Functionality: Zooming in and out of your projects is now more seamless and precise, providing a better overview and detail management.
    • Toggle Table Fields and Relationships: Gain control over your database diagrams with the ability to toggle the visibility of table fields and relationships, allowing for a cleaner and more focused view.
    • Feedback and Bug Reporting Enhancements: We’ve updated our feedback and bug reporting functionality, making it easier for you to communicate with us and help improve the platform.
    • Optimized History Save and Restore Logic: The logic for saving and restoring history has been refined, ensuring your work is preserved accurately and can be revisited efficiently.
    • Updated Data Types Across All Databases: We’ve undertaken a comprehensive update of data types for all supported databases, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your data management needs.


      • AI-Powered Export Capabilities: Elevate your data export experience with our latest AI-assisted feature. This innovative addition simplifies the process of exporting data across various platforms, utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize and streamline your workflows. Experience the future of data management with our AI-powered export tool.
      • Revamped User Interface & Enhanced Toolbar: We’re excited to unveil a completely redesigned interface, crafted to enhance your user experience. Our updated interface includes a new, intuitive toolbar that boasts drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier than ever to navigate and manage your tasks efficiently. Dive into a seamless, more productive workflow with our improved interface and tools.


      • MongoDB Export Support: We are thrilled to announce the introduction of export capabilities to MongoDB. Users can now seamlessly export their data directly into MongoDB, streamlining workflows and enhancing data management efficiency.
      • BigQuery Export Integration: Expanding our suite of export options, we have now integrated support for Google BigQuery. This feature allows for effortless export of data to BigQuery, enabling advanced analytics and data warehouse solutions.
      • Redshift Export Compatibility: Our platform now supports data export to Amazon Redshift. This enhancement is designed to facilitate easy and efficient data transfer to Redshift, empowering users with scalable storage and analytics capabilities.
      • Databricks Export Functionality: We’ve added support for exporting data to Databricks, offering users the flexibility to leverage Databricks’ unified analytics platform for data processing, machine learning, and analytics.



      • Database Conversion
      • Table Search in Schema Explorer
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Import Support for Snowflake
      • Export Support for Snowflake
      • Add a feature to add/remove payment methods
      • Add a feature to edit the Invoice
      • Add a feature to download updated Invoice in PDF
      • Add a feature to keep the history of Invoices
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Add Diagram Explorer Feature
      • Add Diagram Tree view with Hiding and Show feature
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Improve the MSSQL Import feature
      • Improve the Reset password email feature
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Update the Datatypes for MySQL
      • Update the Datatypes for MSSql
      • Update the Datatypes for PostgreSQL
      • Update the Datatypes for Oracle
      • Update the Datatypes for SQLite
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Fixed & Improved autosave feature
      • New Feature: MSSQL Import
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Added Crypto Payments Support
      • Server Upgrade and improvements in speed
      • Bug fixes and general optimizations for better performance


      • Released a Documentation Tool (Detailed Guide Coming Soon)
      • New Feature: Auto Save
      • Version History Improvements






      • Users can Merge Tables from Import in Existing Schemas
      • Guest User can Import Schemas
      • Improved Oracle Export
      • Bug Fixes and Improvement


      • Shareable link
      • Update Terms of Service
      • WordPress Blog
      • Bug Fixes and Improvement


      • 100% MySQL Import functionality
      • Improve Dashboard UI
      • Bug Fixes and Improvement


      • PayPal Payment Option
      • Modified Pricing
      • Login Improvement on Designer page
      • Added Feedback options on Cancel Subscription
      • Added Feedback options on Close Account
      • Improve Billing Section
      • Bug Fixes and Improvement


      • Added Schema for Guest Users
      • Added Short Intro for Guest’s
      • Added Trail
      • Added Close Account Option
      • Third Party Sing In/Up Improvement
      • Email Activation for Free Users
      • Added Contact Us form
      • Added Translation for Romanian & Uzbek
      • Added PDF Export
      • Bug Fixes and Improvement


      • Stripe Update and Cancel Subscription
      • Added Payment History
      • Upgrade and Downgrade Stripe Subscription


      • New Front End Design
      • Improved Account Dashboard
      • Improved Sharing and Team Collaboration


      • Fixed password reset function.
      • Pricing updated.
      • New features and improvements based on user feedback.


      • Fixed export related bugs.
      • New features and improvements based on user feedback.


      • Chinese translation (thanks to Chen Zhao)


      • Fixed auto increment error in MySQL


      • Japanese translation (thanks to Robo-Tommy)


      • Ukrainian translation (thanks to Dmitry Sviridenko)


      • Norwegian translation (thanks to Nichlas Torgersen)


      • Esperanto translation (thanks to Robin van der Vliet)


      • The Greek translation (thanks to Romanos Nianios)


      • Auto-increment property.


      • Performance optimizations. Schemas with 50+ tables should load faster


      • 6 new colors for tables


      • Czech translation (thanks to domi33)


      • You can now select multiple tables by shift clicking on their caption or by pressing shift and dragging on the canvas.


      • Danish translation (thanks to VisualBean)


      • Persian translation (thanks to Milad Nouri)


      • French translation (thanks to Pierre Deville)


      • Fixed Ctrl+Enter key combination (thanks to Austin Reynolds)
      • Italian translation (thanks to Christian Giupponi)


      • Polish translation (thanks to Michał Szydłowski)


      • Finnish translation (thanks to Unkulunkulu)


      • German translation (thanks to B1T0)


      • Dutch translation (thanks to Koen Punt)


      • Signin with VKontakte


      • Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Victor Nogueira)


      • Drop scripts for MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.


      • Table colors! You can set table colors by right clicking a table header and selecting a color. To remove color from a table, click the white color. Thanks to Aamir Mahmood for the idea and the feedback.


      • Clone table command: You can right click a table header and select “Clone Table” to quickly create a copy
      • Catalan translation (thanks to Albert Pi)


      • Localized dates and times


      • Scroll by dragging an empty space


      • Option to invert line directions


      • Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Urbina (Heurze))


      • Indonesian translation (thanks to Muhammad Sarip Hidayat)


      • Vietnamese translation (thanks to Lê Công Hậu)


      • Fixed SQL output for foreign keys. Now the “ALTER TABLE” statements are generated at the end of the SQL output.


      • Bengali translation (thanks to Mohaiminul Hasan)


      • Options to show icons for “not null” and “foreign key fields” and to show default values


      • Experimental SQL importing for mysql. Please send your feedbacks using Help -> Feedback



      • History panel


      • Some performance improvements


      • Fixed resetting note contents on save


      • Download sql button for Chrome, Firefox and Opera
      • Fixed remembering line type setting
      • Password recovery page
      • Save as option


      • Fixed menubar positioning on IE and Firefox
      • Fixed Meta+Enter on new field


      • Fixed field order changing on save
      • Undo & redo option


      • You can now share your schemas through the “Schema” -> “Share” menu


      • Signin with Twitter
      • Template comments can be deleted


      • Fixed minimap
      • New notes and tables are added to a visible position


      • Hold down shift while dragging for “snap to grid”


      • Schemas can be deleted from the properties dialog


      • Comments for templates


      • Line colors can be changed from the options dialog


      • Schemas can be saved as templates
      • Alert notifications


      • Signin with Github and Google accounts


      • Fix for View -> Sort


      • Public beta

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