New Beta Version

New Application Design and UX Improvements.

In the recent months, we have raised outside money through a VC firm and have made significant investment in research and development. We have doubled the size of our development team. We have also hired new support agents to ensure our customers get answers to their questions in a timely manner. We plan to blow the socks off of our competitors in every area possible.

Our focus has always been on the features and our active users will understand that we are far ahead of our competitors in terms of our features and tool capability. We have secretly been working on improving our user interface and improving our user experience significantly. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a beta version of our new and improved application. 

The current application will continue to work as it should and we will not force users to switch to new version but hope that every user will try our new and improved user interface. Here is a list of some of the most significant improvements you can expect in the new version.

Robust Support Department

Planned release date: November 15th 2018

We have added new team members in our support department to ensure we answer each and every support ticket within 1 business day or less.

We will also be offering Live Chat and Phone Support for our paid users between 9AM to 5PM US Central time.

We will also be releasing detailed tutorials and training documents to help our new users get started. 

We will be releasing new support dashboard to make ticket submission and tracking more robust and user friendly. We will also be adding a discussion forum so users can interact and help each other. Additionally, we will be prioritizing our development work through direct feedback by allowing users to propose new ideas or feature requests and allow the community to comment and upvote/downvote the feature request 

New Front End Design. 

Planned release date: November 15th 2018

Over the past 10 years, we have solely focused on our application. We neglected the front end and are aware that our competitors are far ahead of us in terms of their website design. We are ready to catch up and will be releasing the new and improved front end website design soon.

Improved Account Dashboard

Planned release date: November 30th 2018

New and improved account dashboard so you can easily manage your settings. New dashboard will also allow you to archive projects you are no longer working on so that you can free up space. There will be two project folders in new account dashboard.

Live projects: These are projects you are currently working on. Plan restrictions will only apply to these projects.

Archived projects: These are projects you are not actively working on. To free up space in your plan, you can move a project “Archives” and whenever you need to make changes to it, you can simply move it to “Live Projects” folder and continue working. Any projects you move to “Archives” will not count against your plan restrictions.

You will be able to switch your project between live and archive folders at any time with a click of a button.

Improved Sharing and Team Collaboration

Planned release date: November 30th 2018

You will be able to invite others and share access to your projects with others from your dashboard. 

Project owner will have full access. Only project owner can add team members and share access. Project owner can add a new user in “Project Team” by adding their email address and granting them access to “Edit” or “View Only”. 

Only one user at a time will be able to edit and make changes. By default this user will be the project owner. Project owner will be able to “Unlock” the project to allow any other team member with edit capability to “Lock” the project and make changes. Other team members will not be able to edit until the current editor releases the lock. Project owner can “Unlock” the application at any time to allow a different team member to “Lock” it and make changes.

All team members will be able to see the changes live, add comments or collaborate using live team chat function.

Improved Toolbar

Planned release date: December 15th 2018

Our current application UI is outdated, we will be upgrading the design of our toolbar to improve user experience. Additionally, we will also add drag and drop functionality in several parts of the application to improve user experience. 

New Import & Export Features

Planned release date: December 15th 2018

We already have the most advanced import and export options but we will be adding additional options including XML. Additionally we will be making upgrades to reverse and forward engineering features. Our goal is to allow our users to complete their entire project in our application and export a ready to deploy database in all formats. Additionally, we will also be adding a PDF export option to complement our current image export function.

Auto Save and Backup Recovery Feature

Planned release date: November 30th 2018

Currently, the user is required to save their work themselves. In rare cases, users have lost access to their work because of power failures, connection problems and hardware issues because they failed to save it. Timed auto save capability will ensure your work is saved automatically and incase of any issues you are able to revert changes using previous auto saved backups.

Enterprise Level Functions

Planned release date: January 1st 2019

We will be introducing some new features including team management and live collaboration based on feedback from our enterprise users to ensure our tool is a perfect fit for large teams and organizations. We will also be making significant improvements to ensure your information, account, data and work is secure. We understand the importance of security and privacy and will ensure that we exceed industry standards in securing your information.

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing more details in the form of new announcements and posts. Please keep an eye out for our email updates and blog updates for further details.

Once again, we will release these updates under a new beta version. We will not force users to switch from old version to beta version until the beta version has been live for minimum of 12 months and has gone through extensive user testing in live environment to ensure the stability of the application. We have gone through extreme lengths in ensuring that the release of new beta version will in no way cause any loss of data and does not interfere with your current projects and work in any way.