Fantasy Football MySQL Database Design Template

Today we are talking about Fantasy Football Db Design on

There is a template on the DbDesigner template section which is called Fantasy Football and the Database is MySQL.

There are 12 Tables and 1 note about the design.

Tables names are:

  1. Player
  2. Team
  3. Match
  4. Player Match Point
  5. Point Description
  6. Fixture
  7. User
  8. User Team
  9. User Team Player
  10. League
  11. Comment
  12. Player Statistics

Note is about Players positions:

GK: goal keeper
DF: defender
CB: Center Back
SW: Sweeper/Libero
RB: Right Back
LB: Left Back
RWB: Right Wingback
LWB: Left Wingback
MF: Midfielder
DM: Defensive midfielder
CM: Center midfielder
AM: Attacking midfielder
LM: Left Wide midfielder
RM: Right Wide midfielder
FW: Forward
ST: Striker
RF: Right Forward
CF: Center Forward
LF: Left Forward
SS: Secondary striker
RW: Left winger
LW: Right winger

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